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The Board of Review Meeting Schedule:

The Board of Review will be meeting on:

                           JULY 16, 2019  at 9:00 a.m.                     

All property owners may appeal by Mail, Fax (810 325-9009), E-mail ( or in person. To make an appointment call the Township Office (810 325-1517) during regular business hours, before the Board of Review meets.

The Board will meet to correct mutual mistakes of fact and fix clerical errors or consider a request for a poverty exemption or to consider a taxpayer requested Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption that was not on the assessment roll for the current year and/or the three previous years, but was not denied by the assessor, the County, or the department of Treasury, or under MCL211.2a(4) the assessor has determined that a taxable value uncapping should be revered or qualifies for a Veterans Exemption.

Poverty Exemption applications will be available at the Wales Township Hall by request.                      

 If you have any questions call the Assessor, Carly Kimmen  at (810) 325-1517.